Our first project encompassed the city block between 6th & 7th Streets and Pine & Locust, home to the Press Telegram Building and the Meeker-Baker Building.

Vintage Press Telegram

Vintage Press Telegram. Notice how the building was half the size of what it is today and what a grand entrance it used to have on Pine Avenue.

Message in the basement

Message written on the wall in the basement of the Press-Telegram - May 3, 1948. Who are these mystery folks and what did they do?

Press Telegram Building

A look at the Press Telegram Building before construction, but, after the louvers had been removed off the facade.

Touching Up Murals

We Love Long Beach Murals. Here is just one of the nearly 30 murals we commissioned to be painted on the boarded Press Telegram and Meeker Baker buildings.

Old Press Telegram Building

Sunlight filtering through the windows of the and onto the vacant shell of the Press Telegram Building.

Touching Up Murals

Touching up the murals on the MeekerBaker and Press Telegram buildings. Keeping them clean and fresh was always a priority.

Eastern Star Funraiser Carnival '12

The Eastern Star Fundraiser Carnival, 2012. The empty parking lot of the Press Telegram and Meeker Baker buildings serving up a lot of fun for charity.

Getting ready for the big bash.

The Dead Man's After Party. Setting up for the event which followed Long Beach Zombie Walk, featuring a live performance by Johnny Vatos’ Tribute to Halloween featuring former members of ultimate Halloween band Oingo Boingo!

Puppy Training

The Long Beach Police Department using the site for training.

Christmas Cheer

Pronzini Christmas Trees set up shop on site. A forest of green in the heart of the city.

Free Holiday Drive-In

Holiday Drive-In Screening of A Christmas Story.

Press Telegram

Arrival of the construction trailer. Big changes are coming!
Sharing our vision. A display of our model, schematics and of course some flashlights to guide the way through the dark, vacant buildings.
The Meeker Baker, c. 1920's.
Original bank interior of the Meeker Baker.
The Meeker Baker, c. 1930's (after the Long Beach Earthquake).

Meeker-Baker Old Building

The Meeker Baker, c. 1990's.

Press Telegram Building

The back side of the Meeker Baker, during construction of the Press Telegram.
The Meeker Baker, all boarded up... waiting for her renaissance.
The vandalized Meeker Baker historic lobby, as Millworks found it.

Meeker Baker' Lobby

Detail of the plasterwork in the historic lobby of the Meeker Baker.
The salvaged doors of the Meeker Baker.
The original blueprints of the historic canopy of the Meeker Baker.
The future of the development. Millworks' model of the new Press Telegram and Meeker Baker buildings.


We have a new and exciting transformation in the works! Stay tuned for updates.

Right now...

at Millworks. Progress 6/29/12.

Right now at Millworks...

walk through with our architects.


They can't believe the progress!

Meeker Baker' Lobby

Press Telegram: Complete

Meeker-Baker: Late Summer, 2014

Meeker Baker

It's all coming together nicely.

Hardscaping at MB

Wait until you see the finished product.

Meeker Baker

Hello canopy! Meeker Baker gets it's grand entrance back after decades.

Meeker Baker in Progress

Meeker Baker' Lobby

Meeker Baker in Progress

Brick Restoration

Exciting! More framing progress and some incredible brick restoration work being done on the historic facade. Thanks to our incredible team!

Meeker Baker

Installing wood windows on the historic facade, installing the corrugated metal paneling, installing the cement fiber board panels (check out the cool pattern), finishing historic brick instal, reviewing historic elements for further restoration... And a whole lot more!

Cultivating new business, the preservation of historic architecture, organizing community events and supporting local arts and culture.


Millworks Team

Extraordinary team of individuals . . .

We are proud Long Beach residents dedicated to the development and improvement of the city.

Millworks Team Member Michelle

Michelle Molina

Michelle hovers 50,000 feet, watching, planning and conceptualizing ideas that support the betterment of her favorite city, Long Beach. As Managing Partner at Millworks, she is responsible for acquisitions, crafting ideas, buildings bridges, connecting people and is the team resident Renaissance woman.

Can’t Stand: Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Likes: All things art

You Will Almost Always Find Her: Having a meeting at Berlin Bistro, eating a Mediterranean plate

Millworks Team Member Michelle

Lauren Limbaugh

Lauren resides at The Packard on Anaheim, at the Millworks headquarters. She is the consummate filter, processor of information, logical thinker, operations-manager, efficient worker, and she is the team resident Voice of Reason.

Guilty Pleasure: Taco Bell

If She Won a Million Dollars She Would: Probably take more time off and travel with her family

You Will Almost Always Find Her: Waiting for take-out at Open Sesame. Extra garlic sauce please!