Millworks Team

Extraordinary team of individuals . . .

We are proud Long Beach residents dedicated to the development and improvement of the city.

Millworks Team Member Michelle

Michelle Molina

Michelle hovers 50,000 feet, watching, planning and conceptualizing ideas that support the betterment of her favorite city, Long Beach. As Managing Partner at Millworks, she is responsible for acquisitions, crafting ideas, buildings bridges, connecting people and is the team resident Renaissance woman.

Can’t Stand: Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Likes: All things art

You Will Almost Always Find Her: Having a meeting at Berlin Bistro, eating a Mediterranean plate

Millworks Team Member Kasra

Kasra Esteghamat

Kasra can be found out and about coordinating with all of the players. He is always utilizing his critical eye, sorting through the details, making things beautiful, managing projects, mediating when needed, creating, and is the team resident Beautification Guru.

Random Fact: Been to 65 countries!

Biggest Pet Peeve: Ummm…like…ummm

You Will Almost Always Find Him: Enjoying a meal and a Pimm’s Cup with jalapeno at Nicks on 2nd

Millworks Team Member Michelle

Lauren Limbaugh

Lauren resides at The Packard on Anaheim, at the Millworks headquarters. She is the consummate filter, processor of information, logical thinker, operations-manager, efficient worker, and she is the team resident Voice of Reason.

Guilty Pleasure: Taco Bell

If She Won a Million Dollars She Would: Probably take more time off and travel with her family

You Will Almost Always Find Her: Waiting for take-out at Open Sesame. Extra garlic sauce please!